The WOOFYT - Wooden One Octave of Organ Pipes for Young Technologists

The WOOFTY is an ideal introduction to how a pipe organ works, and as a fun activity for children and adults alike.

Children especially enjoy pumping air into the bellows, and playing simple tunes by pressing small wooden stoppers for each pipe which are set out in a ring connected by plastic tubes. There are three of these instuments in New Zealand intended as an educational resource and having fun with music.

In September 2015 at Pitt St Methodist church in Auckland the WOOFYT was used to illustrate Romans 12:4, each person contributing their own talents to the whole, as some people pumped air, another regulated the air pressure, and children stationed at each pipe contributed their different notes to the tune. As the players pumping became tired, other members of the congregation took over without being asked - illustrating again working together as a community and supporting each other

At Napier Cathedral over 100 young people played a Woofyt at a special 'Pulling out the Stops' weekend. The WOOFTY was also a key part of the "Auckland Organ Discovery Day" held in Auckland Town Hall in June 2011

The Woofyt is packed into two boxes which can be transported in the back of a station wagon.  Full instruction for assemble and music books are provided.  For information please contact:
Walter Nicholls - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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