The purpose of the Auckland Organ Association is to foster and promote an appreciation, understanding and interest in organs, organ building, organ music, in the Auckland and surrounding regions of New Zealand.

The Auckland Organ Association...

  • holds meetings and activities for the exchange of ideas, mutual support and fellowship of those interested in organs and organ music
  • supports church, concert and amateur organists in their craft, and provides opportunities to increase their skills • encourages young people and others to learn to play the organ and to enter formal study
  • arranges and promotes solo recitals or concerts incorporating organ, by local and visiting artists
  • provides information and advice on, the organ and its music
    works closely with other musical groups with similar objectives

All members of the Auckland Organ Association are automatically also members of the New Zealand Organ Association.

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Organ Crawl, St Johns An organ student Inside the house organ
Members on an “organ tour” visit St John the Baptist Church in Northcote Encouraging organists of all ages and abilities! What makes it go?

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